Grace Warner VS Egan Wint VS Lex Roland — Quarterfinals



Game Breakdown

Due to some internal miscommunication, we had our first ever three person battle between Grace Warner, Egan Wint, and Lex Roland. To clarify the terms of the battle - each rider would set a trick, everyone would give it a go and then the next rider in rotation would then take their turn to set.  Grace Warner quickly showed her prowess on the presses, and started handing out letters. Lex followed her up with a switch fs boardslide and fs boardslide 270. Egan was the first to go; however, this was potentially a strategic move to give her more time to lap the perfect park laps that Bear has going right now. It was her birthday and she can lap if she wants to! Lex and Grace went on to go through one of the longest battles of the day, both answering each other's tricks for what seemed like an eternity in the hot sun above The Scene. At last, Grace knocked Lex out with BS nosepress BS 180, and Grace moved on.

Thank you to Bear Mountain Resort, Autumn Headwear, Ikon Pass, 10 Barrel Brewing, Nixon, and Sun Bum for supporting this event!