2021 Slush Awards Forward Lean Winner—Torment Pride Week



The 2021 Slush Awards are presented by 10 BarrelIkon PassGoPro, and Liquid Death.

To some extent the appeal of snowboarding lies in the fact that it is a largely solitary pursuit, with the risk and reward impacting the one strapping in, unlike traditional team sports such as football or curling, where the individual effort happens in harmony with others working towards the same goal. To that end, snowboarding can benefit from less partisanship in favor of uniting for the greater good. This is why what Torment did by providing their platform to Tanner Pendleton, Chad Unger, Kennedi Deck, Jake Kuzyk and Jill Perkins, to come out in unison to elevate the LGBTQ+ conversation amongst the riding community during Pride Week, is so resonant and worth celebrating. Slush wishes to congratulate Torment's John Stark and Ian Boll along with the icons who populated their platform during Pride Week for adding depth and humanity to our culture and in turn earning the recognition of our awards voters for their efforts with this Forward Lean acknowledgement.