2021 Slush Awards—Men's Rookie of the Year Nominees

  |   Michael Goodwin



The 2021 Slush Awards are brought to you by 10 Barrel, Ikon Pass, GoPro, and Liquid Death.

Denver Orr
South Lake Tahoe’s Denver Orr didn’t bag first or last part, or ascend to the top of any big time podiums, but there is something about his "Tangle" segment that more than resonated with the Slush Awards voters. Denver opens his "Tangle" part with a proper switch backside 50-50 down a five kink stair set. The clips that follow are an impressive blur of more kinks, a few flips, a couple redirects, a very consequential backside wallride on a parking garage and an ender that, leaked through words, is not done justice.

Dusty Henricksen
The timing of the Slush Awards might lead readers to believe that Dusty Henrikson’s nomination is a result of his recent performance at the 2021 X Games where he won two gold medals. Yet his spot on this tally was secured long before he even arrived in Aspen. On February 28th, 2020, Dusty dropped into the slopestyle finals of his first US Open and called an audible on the last hit. This split second decision led to Dusty stomping the first quad cork he had ever attempted, in turn landing him on the podium in second place! As for his 2021 X Games achievements, we’ll have to wait 12 months to see if Dusty keeps pace and gets a Rider Of the Year nomination from his peers or, hell, perhaps even a gold medal in the 2022 Olympics!

Ludvig Billtoft
As much as this nomination is about Ludvig Billtoft getting the ender of "Scandalnavians II," it is also about who didn’t get the last part. Let us explain... Scandalnavians is like the supergroup equivalent of a snowboard film. On the marquee you’ve got Alek Oestreng, Eiki and Halldor Helgason, Fridge, Sven Thogren and a bunch of other household names, albeit household names in homes likely furnished by Ikea. Therefore, in order for Ludvig to get last part, a two-song segment at that, it means he had to ride better than some of the best riders on earth, and that he did. Furthermore, Ludvig did it the hard way by stacking both legit street shots and insane backcountry clips, landing in good company with all-terrain standouts like Bode Merrill and Sam Taxwood.

Ben Egan
Tommy Gesme, Spencer Schubert and Chris Grenier are just a few of the riders who put Minnesota's Ben Egan on their ballot, and for good reason. Erik Olsen’s "Panic Order" isn’t a traditional part-based video, rather it is a true ensemble, with everyone sharing the spotlight. Regardless, Ben Egan’s footage is easily distinguished by its blend of technicality, creativity and consequence. And while "Panic Order" is a pretty low-key affair, Ben’s closer—a 50-50 on a pink, ten kink, with a sculpture of a snake for the final down flat—is not only a contender for trick of the year, but it definitely is a shoo-in for any spot selection awards.