2021 Slush Awards—Women's Most Valuable Video Part Nominees


The Most Valuable Video Player award is an update to the classic Video Part category, and is a reflection of those riders whose on screen performances, be it in a three minute section, as the protagonist of a 30 minute biopic, or even as a key contributor to an ensemble, warrant elevated recognition.

Jill Perkins
No one would fault Jill for taking a victory lap after her award-winning “Everybody, Everybody” video part, but the SoCal native turned Utah staple decided to forgo the sophomore slump, producing another stunner in “Tangle.” Rather than trod on familiar ground, Jill avoided stock tricks and basic spots in filming for “Tangle,” instead injecting curved, gapped kink rails and double overhead back lips on ledges, as well as other accoutrements into her timeline. The result: a solid MVVP nomination from her peers.

Kennedi Deck

One word comes to mind when thinking of Calgary’s Kennedi Deck—proper! In Vans’ latest team video, “Evergreen,” Kennedi mixes it up alongside the heaviest ensemble to appear on a marquee this year and her clips are a natural fit. Whether she is linking multiple tricks in a line or taking down consequential kinked rails, Kennedi keeps style paramount, which is why this nomination is well deserved.

Maria Thomsen

Closeouts, switch fs 50-50s down long ass kink rails, and two-story roof drops are some of the standout shots that Maria Thomsen peppered throughout the Newfoundland and Minnesota segments of Burton’s “One World.” Despite not entering the snowboarding spotlight until she was already in her thirties, Maria has been on a tear the last few seasons, making up for lost time. To that end, this nomination proves that while many of her peers are starting to lose a step, Marie is still ascending and counting the stairs she’ll keep descending for days to come.