2021 Women's MVVP Winner—Jill Perkins


The 2021 Slush Awards are presented by 10 BarrelIkon PassGoPro, and Liquid Death. 

The Most Valuable Video Player award is an update to the classic Video Part category, and is a reflection of those riders whose on screen performances, be it in a three minute section, as the protagonist of a 30 minute biopic, or even as a key contributor to an ensemble, warrant elevated recognition.

With a keen eye for unique spots, natural style and a penchant for risk, Jill Perkins put together a video part for SNOWBOARDER Mag’s latest film, Tangle, that’s remarkable without any gender qualifier. It’s just a damn good part. Our voters agreed. And having snagged award honors for her video parts in consecutive years, there’s plenty to fuel the widespread opinion that her trajectory is still on its way up!