Welcome to the purely RAW, SPONTANEOUS, UNTHOUGHT and UNCLEVER version of Vans "ELLES". If of course, you are brave enough to scheme through numerous minutes of partially unseen footage.. featuring Arthur Longo, Jake Price, Julien Petry, Severin VanDerMeer, Willem Jones, Silvano Zeiter, Rick Baker, Lenny Oliver, Bruno Rivoire, David Tchag, Matt Georges and possibly other friends and friendly encounters, captured by Olivier Gittler

What is BTS of ELLES all about? 

We decided to release it now. Before it was a bit early, we didn’t want to use the Vans content for ourselves. Basically, every day of that season, we were doing daily recaps, and that's where it comes from. 

Oli filmed all of it. It was the second cam to get second angles and sound bites and stuff. He films a lot, so he has a lot of content. When you come back from snowboarding, he uploads his clips, and we have a daily recap ready to watch. And that's what we are doing now. It’s pretty raw. It's the funny moments we had during the day together, especially when you are people like Jake Price. 

We wanted people to dig a little deeper. Sometimes, the longer it is, the better. For some people, it might be long to watch, but if someone is interested in seeing what our day is like, they can be with us a little more. 

Even the movie, ELLES, was a bit different, we were riding resorts and had more time off the board. So, this is an extension of that project. 



What have you been working on and doing this past year? 
The year after ELLES, I filmed for Volcom’s Creedlecosom. I’ve been doing little projects for Vans and with Ollie. Last winter, we spent a lot of time in Canada filming for SHE 4. The one people are waiting for. The backcountry was really good so we spent most of our time there. Hopefully, the footage will be in the next Vans movie. Of course, we have a bit of side-hit stuff but we aren’t happy enough to release anything yet and want to film more of it. 

We are definitely going back to Canada next year. We love it at Whitewater. You can spend so much time there. It is a bit of an endless playground. Maybe one of the projects for next year would be filming just there with Estelle.