BLOOOM - Burton Snowboards


As marketed, Blooom is indeed the brainchild of Niels Schack, but it stands out as a milestone in Burton Snowboards' ever-evolving portfolio of projects–this one, perhaps the first street-centric offering since 2013 “Burton Presents: The Streets.”

Shot on a combination of digital and 16mm in Japan, Sweden, and Finland by the duo of Colton Morgan and Arthur Couvat, this project delivers an alluring artistic touch, which we hope marks the inception of a new wave in Burton's street program. 

JesseAugustinus in Sweden. Colt Morgan camera god. // p: Dean Blotto

The Bloom Squad is a group of individuals who bring distinct yet equally essential elements to the project. Ylfa Runnarsdottir contributes some of the most inventive, vibrant, and unforgettable moments in the film, making a lasting impression. Luke Winkelmann brings a high level of technical trick mastery, anchoring the artistic progression. Rob Roethler pushes the boundaries as he conquers substantial spots with sheer strength, while Grace Warner wows with her prowess on kink rails, executed with a finesse that only comes from true skill. Jesse Augustinas showcases a relentless commitment to crafting spots and technical tricks, which doesn't go unnoticed.

Luke Winkelmann dropping in Japan. p // Dean Blotto

Niels Schack, both behind the scenes and in front of the camera, adds to his portfolio of visionary work, tackling unconventional spots that challenge the norms of what a viewer expects from street snowboarding. His role in this project is vital.
Blooom is a piece that warrants multiple viewings. Colton Morgan's signature editing style is the perfect complement to this talented crew. The fact that this team managed to bring this project to life amid 3 trips is nothing short of impressive, leaving us eager to see more from their collective creativity moving forward.