"How's the Air Up There?" - Bone Zone at Brighton


Ever wonder what it's like at Bone Zone at Brighton? Well, have a glimpse of what it looked like during the first week in November at Utah's premiere preseason destination.

We gathered some riveting testimonials from Lauren Derminio, Jill Perkins, Jeff Holce, and Noah Brown. Give it a watch and maybe it'll help you get over your pre-winter fomo. "How's the Air Up There?" is a new series from lensman Ted Borland as he attempts to describe the vibe at certain snowboard gatherings or locations. Stay tuned to see where the "series" takes us.


Featuring :

Mike Ravelson, Cooper Whittier, Dylan Okurowski, Luke Lund, Sierra Forcheimer, Derek Conti, Jack Warble, Cody Warble, Lauren Derminio, Denver Orr, Jill Perkins, Savannah Shinske, Kennedi Deck, Emma Crosby, Jeff Holce, Egan Wint, Keegan Hosefros, Justin Phipps, Nirvana Ortanez, Max Tokunaga, "Skoot", Hunter Goulet, Finn Westbury, Brolin Mawejje, and Jordan Morse