JUICED—Alexis Roland

  |   Michael Goodwin

I've yet to have the pleasure of meeting Alexis in person, but the energy and honesty she exhibits on IG is super refreshing. At just 22 years old, Alexis (who turned heads in the early aughts as a tiny grom with major media appearances) has spent more time in the game than most, experienced many of its different facets and seems to be really dialing it in of late with riding that just gets sharper, and faster. Alexis clues us in on her current go-tos in the latest, JUICED!

Rock hunting

This last trip out West I stopped in Utah and Wyoming to look for rocks. I found azurite and malachite in Utah (it’s a copper bearing mineral), and in Wyoming I found labradorite. There’s nothing quite like spending a few hours in the middle of nowhere just looking at the ground. It’s like a treasure hunt! 10/10 recommend. Just look up “rockhounding in (insert location)” and get ready for an adventure :)

“If I’m gonna be miserable, I’m at least gonna be miserable outside GODDAMMIT!” Spring and summer have always been hard months for me, so I’ve just kinda started saying this to myself. Helps me to get up and at least get fresh air.

Mental health and therapy

Art by Laura Rogoski // @sk8tits

I’m really prioritizing taking care of my mental and physical health. I’ve finally got my meds dialed, so I’m starting to feel good. It’s cool to be excited to wake up again. It’s taken a lot of work, though. I see a therapist every other week and I also have started going to a snowboard support group. Laura Rogoski, aka @sk8tits on Insta, started it.

We meet once a week and it’s really nice to just talk with a community openly about whatever is going on. Makes me feel less alone. She’s also coming out with a mental magazine, so stay on the lookout for that! We meet on Monday at 1 p.m. Pacific time. We’d love to have you :) 

Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89351815477


This kind of goes hand in hand with mental health—my therapist actually recommended it. I watch "Yoga with Adriene." I just do her 20 minute programs. That’s all the patience I really have. But it’s pretty dope because she has a lot of good videos. She really focuses on breath work and getting grounded, which definitely helps my anxiety.

Jess Kimura's Bombhole episode

It was the first one I listened to and it got me hooked. I rarely hear people talk about mental health and other real life shit. Plus, it was crazy to hear about what she had to go through to get where she is now. Mad respect. And super inspiring. I’m also currently listening to Stan’s Bombhole. He’s funny AF. Love it.


I’ve started making jewelry again. It’s something I used to do as a kid but got too in my head about. I like using old pieces and taking them apart to make something new. I really enjoy making earrings. It’s fun to always have a new piece to wear. It’s also fun to just make pieces for friends.

Lil Nas X

He’s one of my favorite artists right now. He’s so inspiring as a young, POC gay man. In his song “Sun Goes Down” he gets so real about the struggles he went through growing up gay. I think it’s something that a lot of people can relate to, especially with how it can affect your self esteem and self worth. All his vids are great. And it’s hilarious watching him troll tf outta people. They get so pissed and he just gets bigger, lol.

New project

Nali Prevedel (also in this new project) and Alexis

I guess the final thing is I’m in the process of planning a video project for this next season. It’s new territory for me because I’ve never done anything like this. I’m excited, though. I’ve got some really cool people on board and at the very least we are gonna have a blast working on it :)

Also, hi! Remember to eat food, drink water and step outside. Have a wonderful day!