JUICED—Darrah Reid-McLean

  |   Michael Goodwin

Welcome back to JUICED, our biweekly* web column where we hand a special guest the aux cord of life and ask them to hit us with what’s good.

Fresh off the heels of the The Uninvited III release, we dropped a line to veteran Uninvited-er and Dinos pro Darrah Reid-McLean to get her take on what’s worth paying attention to in this noisy world!

Jeff Holce

He’s pro for Dinos. And Salmon Arms. He will yell at you if you don’t bring a shovel to the Bonezone, but you deserve it. He rides a tandem bicycle. He’s one of the nicest people I know. He’s so much fun to be around, and he absolutely loves snowboarding. Jeff Holce is the best.


Salt Lake City

*Not a tequila shot, but a fancy cocktail served in a gravy boat for some reason*There are no jam spaces that I’m aware of in Whistler. 

So many homies live there.  You can buy tequila shots for $2.50 at some places. Yes, they’re probably watered down, and you can’t buy doubles, but who cares?? $2.50!! It’s a city not a mountain town so there are actually activities to do after snowboarding, unlike Whistler where you inevitably end up hyper-immersed in snowboarding 24/7 (not that I don’t love snowboarding, but it’s nice to try different things). Plus, Brighton is a really fun mountain—I wish I could spend more time there. Does anyone want to house me for the winter?


Mt. Mtn

Colter is a bit of a tortured artist but he’s a brilliant genius, his filming is incredible, and we love him.  Mt. Mtn features most of my favorite Canadian snowboarders: Nick Elliott, Kody Yarosloski, Derek Molinski, Marty Vachon, Adam Franks, and Tj Koskela.



Duh. Strength, flexibility, balance, mental clarity, focus, injury prevention, spine suppleness = longevity.  No matter what, you’re going to get old eventually, and snowboarding starts to hurt when you’re old. (Trust me. Or ask Jody Wachniak.) Everyone should do yoga.  

Highly recommend Julia McCabe Yoga. She has saved my sanity multiple times in the last couple of years.

Five Minute Journal


I bought this when I broke my foot because I was trying anything to help prevent myself from losing my mind. I thought maybe a small new habit would help. I already loved journaling, getting my hectic thoughts out of my brain and onto paper has always felt good...but this journal holds me accountable to take a few minutes each day to be grateful. Gratitude is powerful, and positivity attracts more positivity (I know I sound cringey but I really believe in the power of our thoughts. It’s worth a shot anyways!)