OJO Fest Opening Weekend — Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation


Vans and the Dillon Ojo Lifeline Foundation kicked off the opening of the free-to-use “Ojo Park” with the 2023 Ojo Fest at Montreal’s Olympic Parc Stadium. With nearly double the attendance of the 2022 event, the place was packed with what appeared to be every snowboarder in the Montreal area. Everyone came together this day to celebrate the legacy of Dillon and to help further push his vision of expanding accessibility and building community within snowboarding…The vibes were at an all time high with music from DJ Felix Patry, hype from MC Connor Neeson, plenty of rails, a beginner zone, and a jump/hip combo that landed right into some free pizza from ADAMO, as well as a custom setup from Seen Snowboarding. 

Welcome to Ojo Fest // p: Joseph RobyA big shout out to the team at Vans and everyone who showed up that day and felt/shared the love from/for Dillon Ojo - Dillon’s friends and family, Cole Navin, Spencer Schubert, Jed Anderson, Etiene Gagne, Jake Kuzyk, Kennedi Deck, Mike Ravelson, Tanner Pendleton, Oli Gagnon, Marco Morandi, Joseph Roby, Jacob Krugmire, Quin Ellul, Seb Picard, Parker Szumowski, Taylor Davies, Savannah Shinske, Mike Bogs, Sean Pettit, Keenan Cawley, JJ Westbury, Finn Westbury, Abby Furrer, Mikaela Kautzyky, Martyn Vachon, Jody Wachniak, Giovanni Vacca, The Bruners, Axel Stall, Nic Roy, Marc-Andre Seguin, Julien Choiniere, Mary Walsh, Harry Hagan, Holden Barth, Jon Stark, Parrish Isaacs and many many more.

Video and words by:
Justin Meyer
Photos by:
 Joseph Roby

Kennedi Deck out of the closet // p: Joseph Roby

 Slip on Bogs // p: Joseph Roby

 Cole Navin, Harry Hagan, Oli Gagnon // p: Joseph Roby