Park Affair—Woodward Killington


Photos by Ashley Rosemeyer

What happens when you bring together over 60 women from all over the East Coast, ages 10 to 60, ranging in ability level from beginner to expert, and provide them a private park with a supportive and encouraging atmosphere to explore getting out of their comfort zones? Park Affair happens. And Park Affair’s latest event at Woodward Killington truly represented what the organization is all about.

Park Affair is a women’s organization rooted in snowboarding and is designed to inspire and encourage women to push their limits on and off the mountain. Run and led by snowboarders and co-directors Mercedes Ortega and Hailey Ronconi, Park Affair started as a women's snowboard camp in 2012 and has evolved into so much more. What makes Park Affair special is the sense of community that builds when you bring together a diverse group of people, bonded by snowboarding.

Taking Park Affair to Woodward Killington for the first time, the event was met with warm temps and a progression focused park build. The park was orchestrated, setup and maintained meticulously by the reputable Park Crew led by Taylor Zink and including Erin Alexander and Rachel Zarycki, who joined the group as honorary coaches for the day.

Upon strapping in, all the riders immediately stepped up to try something new. Whether it was their first-time stepping foot in a park, or they were seasoned park riders, every rider was working towards progression, while also supporting each other. Alongside many new trick victories, equally important were the falls that didn’t stop a single rider from getting back up and trying again. Culminating in a celebratory jam, the day wrapped with superlative style “awards” that showcased traits such as “Most Resilient,” “Hardest Charger,” “Full of Sunshine,” and more, building community over competition.

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