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Outside Watch

Radical Sabbatical
Ark is a story of friendships built in the mountains and bonded through our love of snowboarding.  Stacking clips on steep aspects, featured terrain and good landings from BC to Japan, Austria to AK made for an unforgettable season. Ark is our modest attempt to harness our footage and the indescribable feeling of snowboarding and share it with the world.

Radical Sabbatical is the story behind the snowboard film ARK. Radical Sabbatical is a radical period of paid leave granted to a snowboarder or other radical worker for study or travel. Traditionally one radical year for every seven years of getting radical.

TOGETHER they are
a couple films about boardin’. Ark and Radical Sabbatical are two sides of the same story. Ark is the vessel that we have all been on together this winter. At times far from each other but on the same journey to create a film. Everyone has their own part. Radical Sabbatical is a more in depth view behind the animals who were on the Ark. 

Production Team:
Executive Producers: Danny Davis, Jasen Ninja Isaacs, Vanessa Violette 
Creative Director: Lance Violette
Editor: Gabe Langlois (ARK) Russell Chai (Radical Sabbatical)
Assistant Editor: Cory Sweitzer
Motion: Mark Cernosia 
Field Producer/Photog: Dean Blotto Gray 
Flo Eckhardt
Aaron Hooper
Sean Aaron
Justin Eeles 
Pascal Gallant
Jeff Keenan 
Gabe Langlois 
Tim Manning 
Joey Sackett
Nori Watanabe 
Paul Watt
Rafe Robinson 
Nathan Yant

Upcoming Premieres this week: 
11/18-Whistler, Garfinkles
More premieres and film festivals are happening, we’re just gathering a proper list.