Red Bull Bonus Track Team Videos


On Saturday, June 10th snowboarders traveled to Trollhaugen for a contest in the woods. The invited competitors teamed up with a friend to ride and create the best 60-second film clip. Here are all competitor's videos: 

Sam Anderson and Pete Croasdale - WINNERS

Egan Wint and Sierra Forchheimer - RUNNER-UP

Rob Roethler and Devin Desean - BEST TRICK

Garrett McKenzie and Cole Solner - BEST TRICK

Pat Fava and Jeff Holce

Grace Warner and Luke Winkelmann

Danyale Patterson and Kevin Gillespie

Derek Lemke and Brent Behm

Ryan Paul and Brandon Gill

Brett Stamper and Nate Bujarski

Benny Milam and Lenny Mazzotti

Nick Fox and Luke Hahn

Mike Liddle and Calvin Green

Iris Pham and Veda Hallen

Craig McMorris and Frank Jobin

Brock Crouch and Russell Chai