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The architectural opportunities for snowboarding at Detroit's legendary Hart Plaza were hard to fathom until standing in the concrete arrangement myself. Various tunnels burrowing into the ground, some blocked with fences, others complete with perfect sized metal tubes. On the south side of the park, on the backside of a large auditorium stands the large Wall that Scott Blum famously handplanted to get a Cover of SNOWBOARDER Mag circa 2015.

The lore of Hart Plaza goes back quite some years, and I believe it was Bryan Fox who first filmed a clip there. Since then, Spencer Schubert, Jake Kuzyk, Dillon Ojo and countless others have entered the concrete anatomy to make use of the lucky architecture that lends itself so well to street snowboarding.

It’s that fact that would of course lead Red Bull to host their latest event in Detroit, and if you feel like reading a little more after the video, here’s the skinny:

The one-day event would be judged on overall impression based on the riding in three separate zones. Zone 1 went off first at 2 pm and took place on the aforementioned Scott Blum Wall. Scott, who was there judging the contest alongside Seth Huot and Jess Kimura, still undeniably holds the best trick on that spot, as only Zeb Powell was able to really get to the top.

Zone 2 was a down-flat-down fabricated for a stair set that already has a creeper option, we ran a photo of Grace Warner on the original rail in the most recent volume, and interestingly I think she was the only rider in the ladies field to successfully lace the full down flat down without any question.

The final rail was where the show really heated up under the lights and setting sun. It was also the zone where the winners truly defined themselves, Egan Wint stifling even a question of it after doing a 5050 font 3 and Pat Fava putting the final stamp on his consistent performance throughout the day.


  1. Egan Wint
  2. Jaylen Hanson
  3. Maggie Leon
  1. Pat Fava
  2. Ryan Paul
  3. Luke Winkelmann
Again, somehow the winner still feels like Scott Blum. 


The Secret To Egan's Success? // p: Stan Leveille

Turns out Weed is legal here. Mees Still looks scared of this joint though. // p: Stan Leveille

Would be willing to bet the Warner Family had a better time than anyone the whole weekend. // p: Stan Leveille

Zeb reflects on a moment where someone isn't asking him to sign something. // p: Stan Leveille


Grace Warner, Tara Kapilla, Maggie Leon and Lauren Derminio hanging at the concert that broke out at the Hotel. // p:Stan Leveille


Had to include one good photo. And of course, I didn't even take it. Brent Behm drops into aone one. // p: Pat Dodge

Grace Warner talking to security - wait, no. Joe Sexton. // p: Stan Leveille

Honestly just had to shout this fit out one more time. // p: Stan Leveille

Scariest (but not only) head injury of the event would go To Denver Orr. He's ok! This was of course before we got 8 stitches. // p: Stan Leveille

Rumor has it that Scott Blum Didn't score a single trick in zone one. // p: Stan Leveille

This of course, did not slow down Maggie Leon from riding the rest of the day. // p: Stan Leveille

One of these people would get roughed up for talking a bunch of shit. Detroit keeps it real.

The people who will write a more insightful Torment Article? // p: Stan Leveille

Katie Kennedy is addicted to IG LIVE. // p: Stan Leveille

The only photo I got of Ryan Paul's attempt at a front flip onto the rail. It was the last drop. I guess it's good to finish a rail jam in the same way they usually start. // p: Stan Leveille

The Champions. Pat Fava and Egan Wint


Luke Winkelmann and Pat Dodge. // p: Stan Leveille

Scott Blum took this photo of his own hand at the afterparty. // p: Stan Leveille

Katie Kennedy, When she's not live, she's ALIVE. // p: Stan Leveille