"Run-In"—Ben Egan

p: Bob Plumb

DOB: 2/8/2001
STANCE: Regular
SPONSORS: K2, L1, Howl

THIS PAST WINTER, Ben and I went to a spot about an hour south of where we live. Three separate times we had to go. The first time we had a group and got kicked out within 15 or 20 minutes and all of our license plates were photographed by security, then the second time just me and him went at six AM and parked a short distance away. Of course, the same security guard came out questioning where we parked and Ben explained that we “lived” in the town and that we “walked” there because we saw people riding it earlier in the winter. We were those people. Security believed us and we left promptly. The snow drop in by this point was hard as a rock, which was ideal to come back for round three. The next morning, same time, same destination, Ben picked me up and we met up with Pete Croasdale near the spot to drive us there with the camera already set up ready to be kicked out again. One problem in this whole formula—we arrive to the drop in being almost completely gone. Now the run up and the lip are solid ice but he still wanted to try it, seeing as the bottom six inches of the drop in were still there and speed didn’t look like an issue considering the conditions. Eventually he landed it and we got out of there. Filming Ben is really enjoyable because this is the type of determination he brings to his clips as well as anyone else’s. He would do this exact same scenario again for someone to get a shot. Good guy to have around! —Erik Olsen

Thanks for chatting Ben, Let’s start with something serious. What’s your spirit animal?

A wolf.

Frontside or backside for the rest of your life and you can only choose one. Which one, and why?

Backside because it feels great and I love doing backlips.

Do you think you could take Joe Sexton in a fight if your life depended on it?

Yeah he’s just a little guy.

Worst trend in snowboarding?

Overdoing the Instagram clips.

Best trend in snowboarding?

Having fun with friends.

p: Jacob Harms

Best thing that happened to you all winter?

Getting clips and making it out to Utah.

Best part about being an up-and-coming rider?

The motivation to keep progressing and film more videos.

Worst part about being an up and coming rider?

Maybe a little more pressure.

Which snowboard scene is softer, SLC or Minnesota, and why?

Salt Lake City. I think Minnesota has harsher winters and we have tow ropes.

If you could wake up as any other professional athlete who would it be and why?

Bob Burnquist, because it’d be sweet to feel some big air on a skateboard.

What is your least favorite trick to watch on a snowboard?

Front one pretzel one.

Flips off of rails, yes or no?

Not my thing but they are cool off the right features.

Is there anything about snowboarding that has changed since you were a kid that you wish had not?

That’s a hard question because it’s progressed so much. I sometimes miss the days when I first started riding.

Best city to film snowboarding in your opinion?

I only really know the Twin Cities but other cities in the Midwest are pretty sweet.

Whenever the waitress asks me what I want before I’m ready, I panic order. Is that where the crew name Panic Order comes from?

Never thought of it like that haha. I believe Jake OE came up with the name back when 1817 had a park at Buck Hill. Shoutout to Jake and Joe for letting us have a video series at that park.

How many Torment hoodies does one crew need to film a successful video project?

The more the better for sure.

If all the midwest rope tow mountains waged war against each other, who would prevail?

I want to say Hyland just because there are so many people.

Best snowboarding fisherman in the game?

I know there are a lot that fish in the off season. Justin Froni catches some monsters here in Minnesota though.

Worst part about this interview so far?

No complaints.

Thanks Ben!