Crosby grinning from ear to ear // p: Mike Dawsy

Name: Emma Crosby
Hometown: Edina, MN
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Salomon, Dakine

Named Rookie of the Year in our most recent rider poll, Emma’s eminence is known to all of those who strap in professionally. As hardworking as they come, Crosby’s power, control, and affinity for both big air and street has earned her a nod from all walks of the shred. A Midwesterner who now resides in Utah, Emma’s stock is rising as quickly as her air time. And while our Run-In interviews aren’t very serious in nature, Emma’s future is seriously bright. 
-Stan Leville 

Favorite Spice Girl if you were forced to choose?
I wore a soccer jersey to school every day when I was a kid, so Sporty Spice. I don’t think I knew what any of them looked like, but I liked the name Sporty.

Most talented snowboarder you know who is not attempting to be a pro?
Max Tokunaga.

Pancakes or waffles?
Pancakes. They pair better with a full breakfast than waffles. And I kinda like the sogginess, I'm sorry to say.

Story of a clip you worked for that wasn’t worth it in the end?
I don’t think I have one. I think I always learn something from any spot or clip. It’s cool to feel like everything is worth it. 

A low-key goal you have that you haven’t told many people about?
I’d love to own a house with a garden and work on being less wasteful. 

Boa or Laces?

The place in the world where you have snowboarded the most?
Hyland Hills, I would guess. 

Picnic table takeover, hope you weren't planning on eating lunch here // p: Mike Dawsy

Favorite soccer team?
The U.S. women's soccer team.

Strangest thing you know about Snowboard Mag editor, Mark Clavin?
His hands go numb for no reason, but only after he turned 26.

Fastest snowboarder you know?
Lolo Derminio.

Slowest snowboarder you know?
Alex Kirkland.

Is mountain biking helping the snowboard industry?
Definitely not helping—, people are buying bikes instead of snowboards. 

Slowest chairlift you can think of?
Woodward Park City. 

Most random bad habits? 
I don't read titles properly, and I waste too much free time on the internet instead of using it in a more fulfilling manner. 

What is your most innocent vice?
Twisted Tea and Love Island.