Run-In: Tommy Towns—As seen in Issue 1.2


p: Marc O'Malley

*Tommy is currently recovering from emergency brain surgery. If you would like to donate or help spread the word, you can do so here.

DOB: 12/19/2001
Home mountain: Wachusett Mountain Ski Area
Stance: Regular
Sponsors: Public, Fix, Vans, Howl, Eastern Boarder

Somewhere along the thousands of miles covered by the trusty Dustbox van, Tommy Towns misplaced his retainer that contained his two front teeth. Seemingly unbothered by his incomplete smile, this New England native proceeded to film impressive clips throughout the winter, often to be seen dropping from the sky off various wall rides and vantage points around the country. A relatively new addition to snowboarding’s most promising young crew, Tommy Towns is sure to make an impact as he melds with a powerful group of peers. —Stan Leveille

Highest thing you dropped off all winter? 

I fell into Lake Michigan off of an iceberg.

Acid drops or dropping acid?

I don’t do drugs.

Reid Smith gave me some pointers on what to ask you, so I’m hoping these make more sense to you than me, but here goes nothing. Do you have any particular feelings about vampires? Is there an inside story here?

Jonas, Ryan, sometimes Mo, and I would watch Vampire Diaries when the snow was frozen in Minneapolis Minnesota. Team Damon—but never finished the show.

Talk to me about going down the steepest hill in America—where is it, who was with you?

We were 42 days into the drive in Connecticut with the unofficial “B team’.’ Jonas Harris, Ryan Collins, Noah Peterson, Morgan Jennings, myself, and special guest Daniel Scott McGonagle. Dan got bullied by a civilian child. Good vibes.

Over/under in Omaha // p: Marc O'Malley

Do you have any feelings about or identify with Midwest emo culture?

I don’t get the aux because my music makes people sad.

I understand you have a particular kind of screech when you get excited or scared. If you had to try and type it, what would it look like?

10010110010 >=^]tehe.

You have removable front teeth. How long did you lose those in the van?

The whole winter, and into the summer.

Is it true you take them out to kiss?

I should wear my teeth. I haven’t worn them in like a year.

Do you have any special techniques or secrets when it comes to waxing your snowboards? 

It’s a secret.

Linerless boots—hot or not?

Personal fav.

p: Marc O'Malley

Best item menu at Millie’s Burgers? 

N/A. Iceberg Drive Inn. You have to get a mini shake and fries. I think they invented fry sauce.

Are you still sore from falling off that stack of crates?

No. But I almost made $200 that night.

Worst part about Utah?

Feels like a big strip mall sometimes.

Best part about New England?

Too many good things to just pick one.

Tallest person you know?

You want me to say Rob Roethler, but I met someone else, he’s taller. My homie Santos.

Which is hotter, challenge rail 50-50 or switch slides?

Up 2 you.

Any final thoughts, thanks, words to live by?

Thank you Slush, this was fun. Thank you to everyone reading, friends and family I luv u. Dustbox