Salomon Snowboards—"HINDSIGHT" Full Movie


Salomon Snowboards keeps the release feed piping hot with the drop of their new team film, HINDSIGHT.

From the Salomon Snowboards desk:

Hindsight is 2020. Going into a winter presented with obstacles of all kinds, we knew we had to keep an open mind and a clear vision, a 2020 vision.

Reflecting on the last year, it wasn’t all wildfires and tornadoes. It allowed us to reconnect and appreciate our surroundings more than ever. We learned about ourselves and each other.

Looking back, we wouldn’t change a thing.

Brendon Hupp, with the help of a few other videographers, followed and documented our team across the country from Minneapolis to Reno and New York City to Mount Baker with a final trip to Mammoth concluding our season of filming.

HINDSIGHT features riding from Harrison Gordon, Desiree Melancon, Emma Crosby, Zak Hale, Pat Fava, Bode Merrill, Nils Mindich, and Riley Nickerson with a feel-good-grand-finale montage featuring every rider from Tommy Gesme to Dusty Henricksen.

r: Harrison Gordonr: Zak Haler: Emma Crosbyr: Riley Nickerson