Slush Fundamentals - How To Frontside Boardslide





A frontside boardslide is when you slide backwards. What? Time to learn one of the best feeling snowboard tricks. Some say you can base your whole career off of your front boards, and we happen to agree. About Slush Fundamentals Regardless of whether you are regular or goofy Slush believes that all snowboarders should start off on the right foot. With the Slush Fundamentals, we provide some basic tips and pointers to help riders elevate their skills and take their time on snow in new directions.

About Freddy Perry Fredrik Perry is a Professional Snowboarder from Oslo, Norway. He’s got a funny accent (born in New Zealand) and a knack for coming up with some of the most entertaining, awe-inspiring, and jaw-dropping video parts. After spending many years with Think Thank, scoring the last part in Suzy Greenburg, and releasing such films as “Prequel” and “Eclipse”, now he’s here to teach you how to get freestyle in the parks.