Slush Video Magazine—Season 1, Episode 1

  |   Patrick Bridges

Introducing Slush Video Magazine, a visual tour of the here and now of snowboarding. Get it rolling with Episode 1 featuring Lucas Magoon, Jeremy Jones, Bode Merrill, Jacob Krugmire, Danimals, Billy Bottoms, Caleb Flowers, Jordan Mendenhall, Naima Antolin, Mikey Leblanc, Aaron Bittner, Alex Andrews, Cale Zima, Joey Fava, Bob Plumb, Chris Grenier, Deadlung, Mike Rav, Griffin Siebert, Scott Blum, Dylan Okurowski, Benny Urban, Rob Roethler, Kristoffer Lerand, Sage Kotsenburg, Jody Wachniak, Pat Fava, Justin Phips, Will Mayo, Micaiah Leines, Dave Doman and more!

0:00 - Opening Montage 03:38 - A day with Lucas Magoon pt. 1

08:18 - SLUSH SUP

08:29 - Party Spot

11:49 - A day with Lucas pt 2

14:18 - Gear Check with Bob Plumb

16:49 - A day with Lucas pt 3

18:31 Credits

Produced & Edited by Justin Meyer.

The Slush Video Magazine is proudly supported by 10 Barrel, The Ikon Pass & GoPro.