Slush Video Magazine—Season 1, Episode 3


Welcome back to Slush Video Magazine!

On today’s menu:

- A look into the day-to-day of legendary ripper Jeremy Jones, starting with a session at The Sect Fitness with Tim Ostler, Chris Grenier, Sage Kotsenburg, Aaron Biittner, Zak Hale, Nils Mindich, and more.

- Next up we’ve got a Trollhaugen “After Hours” cut from Dan Tyler

- And a “Party Spot” segment featuring Danimals, Chris Beresford, Billy Bottoms and Alex Sherman at the SLC bike park.

- Then we've got a “Gateway Glacier” session at Woodward Park City with Jeremy, Reid Smith, Robby Meehan, Denver Orr and Cooper Whittier.

- Followed by a "Gear Check" with Harry Hagan, running through the equipment he’s used for recent Vans films and more.

- To round it all out, Jeremy gets a preview of the Woodward Park City mountain bike setup.

Bon appétit!

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