The Full Melt Down - Mid Life Crisis



Bringing things full circle, our 4th release, “The Full Melt Down”, takes us back to the place where our video series began last summer, Mt Hood Oregon. Just like our OG episode, this season’s summer shred edit brings you hard hitting freestyle snowboarding performed by legends Blaise Rosenthal and Chad Otterstrom, along with a cast of contemporary shredders such as Mike McDaniel, Benny Millam, Liv Ruddel, Joey Fava, Scott Stevens, and More…


“The Full Melt Down” is dedicated to Mike McEntire, aka Mack Dawg, the producer of 1995’s “The Melt Down Project”. A pioneer of snowboard video production from the early 90s, “Dawger” was the preeminent perfectionist, creating the most progressive films of the period. His influence on the sport and culture are immeasurable, and many pro shredders of the era rose to prominence by appearing in his films. This is true for Chad and Blaise, neither of whom would likely have made it to their levels of success without his support. Thanks Mike!

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