The first annual Uninvited Invitational was one of the most anticipated events of the year, and took place at Boreal Mountain/Woodward Tahoe on April 13-15, 2023. As the biggest women’s-specific snowboard contest to date, 65 of the most talented riders from across the globe battled it out for their slice of an unprecedented 40k prize purse.

Jess Kimura has been on the forefront of progression in women’s snowboarding for a long time now. From her groundbreaking video parts, to creating the Uninvited women videos, and now the Uninvited Invitonatal, Jess is dedicated to breaking down the gender bias barriers in snowboarding and beyond. 

Stefi Luxton over the judges // p: Maisy Hoffman

Ten years ago there was nothing close to what we witnessed at Woodward Tahoe at Borel. Yes, The Uninvited Invitational was a competition with the but it was so much more than that. It was a “safe space” for women to connect, progress, and enjoy time together. Over 60 women from around the world came to Tahoe to participate in the first annual Univited Invitational. 

Everyone won // p: Maisy Hoffman

The rumors that the set up would be legitimate and proper (something rarely seen in women’s events) was absolutely true. The builders, welders, and everyone involved in creating this course nailed it.

The course was custom built with love and overseen by head builder Ben Bilocq. Riders had 2 days to get comfortable and clipped up on the features before the field was cut down to 40 stand-outs who advanced to Saturday’s final showdown. After hours of insane tricks and extremely high vibes, the judges had a hard decision to make.

Savannah squared up on the set-up // p: Maisy Hoffman

It is hard to explain the energy and vibe of finals day. It felt like something out of a movie. From 1pm until 3pm the ladies were charging. Everyone was cheering each other on. If someone landed a trick, every rider threw her hands up in excitement.  In the end, it felt like everyone won. But the judges narrowed it down and handed these riders there well-deserved checks.

First: Lauren "Lolo" Derminio
Second: Telma Särkipaju
Third: Egan Wint
Fourth: Jill Perkins
Fifth: Jaylen Hanson

Most creative line: Laura Rogowski
One to watch: Juliette Pelchat
Style Award: Emma Crosby
Most heart: Devi Gupta and Taylor Elliott
Best trick: Lauren "Lolo" Derminio
Best bail: Alexa McCarty

Thank you Jess Kimura for all the hard work and helping the girls get the support they deserve.

The Uninvited Invitational is presented by The North Face and supported by Yeti, Capita Snowboards, SunBum, Coal Headwear, Fat Tire, Union Binding Co, Smith Optics, Slush Magazine, and Woodward Tahoe. Big shouts to these brands for making Jess's dream a reality!

Edited by: Justin Meyer
Filmed by: Justin Meyer, Mia Lambson, Cedar Gately, John Blume, Kyle Greene, Cole Pates
Photos: Maisy Hoffman