Thin Coverage—Bone Zone, October 2021



The Bone Zone is back!  After a one-year hiatus, the early season sanctuary at Brighton Resort has made its return.  For myself, it's a little bittersweet. After years of having a heavy helping hand to make it happen, I have to basically sit this one out as I continue to rehab an injury. Luckily, Holce has it handled (along with the Brighton park crew).

As I made my way up for a few days sans snowboard, I was able to see the true magic that this place is: A community that comes together to share a feeling of getting back on snow. They share the work to keep this place going when it goes back up to 50 degrees after a snowstorm. They share sessions of learning new tricks with friends they haven't seen since last winter. And they share the memories (insert cheesy smile here). And maybe it's because of the year off, but it also seems like there's a fresh crop of new kids who've just moved to town that are here to show everyone what they've got. Pretty refreshing to see kids going for it again.

Anyways, we could go on and on about what this place means, but you've probably heard all of it before.  So we'll keep it simple. Winter is coming up quick, and if you aren't as excited as these people here to start shredding again, I don't know what's up with you. Maybe you need to get over here to catch some of this energy. - Ted Borland


Featuring Dylan Okurowski, Laura Rogoski, Denver Orr, Mike McDaniel, Nirvana Ortanez, Pat Fava, Joey Fava, Mike Rav, Tucker Brown, Cody Warble, Jeff Holce, Luke Lund, Makalu Arnold, Justin Phipps, Jed Sky, Isabella Gomez, Chris Beresford, and Bode Merrill

Video by Ted Borland