Thin Coverage—Rude Girls 21st Birthday Bash


Report from Max Tokunaga
Photos by Max, Stefan Alvarez and Gareth Paget

Classic fashion for a coming-of-legal-partying-age excursion would be to head to our Canadian neighbors to the north when turning 18 to experience one of the first delights of adulthood with drinking and good times. This time our mission was for a 21st birthday celebration, equally important for good times, but with three years of legal boozing experience. 

Welcome to the party, Rude Girls is 21!

Anyway, we want to congratulate and give a cheers to Rude Girls Shop in Banff, Alberta, Canada for creating an inclusive space for women and all snowboarders and skateboarders, for hosting ride days, curating a shop for board sport related conversations, stocking gear of the latest styles, and encouraging the progression of boarding on and off the hill for the last 21 years. With the elder brother, Rude Boys Shop, blazing the trail in the Canadian snowboard scene since 1988, Rude Girls has gained its own momentum and continues to forge its own path.

Mineki Yamada presents Abby Furrer ownership of Rude Girls for her decade of shop greatness, congrats Abby! // p:Stefan Alvarez

This season, Rude Girls Shop has collaborations with Ashbury Eyewear, offering a Rude Girls colorway, 686 Rude Girls genderless fit pants, an Autumn shop exclusive beanie, a third time collaboration with Salmon Arms, and last but not least, the K2 Spellcaster, offered in two colors and available exclusively at Rude Girls. Find all of this merch and more online at or in person at their brick and mortar location.

One of these women will greet you at the brick and mortar shop, located in Banff, Alberta Canada.  // p: Gareth PagetShout out to High Rollers for hosting the party! // p: Gareth Paget

A big shout-out to K2 Snowboarding for getting us up to Canada and for one hell of a party with bowling, shaft shots, Rude shots, a Rude brew, premieres and a hungover day of snowboarding. The town was sleepy the next day, meaning it was a night to remember. Cheers to another 21 years of business for Rude Girls <3

The party has arrived.... // p: Gareth PagetTaco....It was a STRIKE. Believe it or not. Quin's on a mission...."For the culture!" Dim the lights and find a seat for BLP "Here's Where The Story Ends."AMAZING MOVIE! Go watch it if you haven't, the final chapter for BLP.Twinning, wouldn't be a visit to Alberta without running into Finn & JJ.Let em have it Abby! Rude Girl for life. // p: Gareth PagetShout out K2 for these collab stickers & for the ticket to party. JJ ending the night......And JJ the next day, we made it to Sunshine Village!Showed up at 2:30, Finn found some leftovers. Local jibbers only, Finn off the top.And that's it! Thank you to Finn, JJ, Abby, Kim, & Quin for the Sunshine tour. THANK YOU K2 SNOWBOARDING. THANK YOU RUDE GIRLS! To another 21 years..... Slush Mag, out.