Videograss—Gutterball Full Movie

  |   Michael Goodwin
Full Movie

VG went into the 2019/2020 snowbowling season ready to rip. We bowled our hearts out dealing with minimal snowfall in all the same cities we have been visiting for the past 15+ years. We closed our eyes and rolled the ball. Sometimes you get a strike, sometimes you get a smooth gutterball. Rather than hold onto what we had we might as well just put it out in it's entirety. So here it is.... no more, no less.

Featuring: Riley Nickerson, Harrison Gordon, Jacob Krugmire, Kas Lemmens, Zak Hale, Brady Lem, Justin Fronius, Joe Sexton, Ben Bilodeau, and more.

Filmed and edited by Justin Meyer and Chad Unger.

Sponsored by Salomon Snowboards, Monster Energy, Woodward Copper, Public Snowboards.