Winter '22 Product Preview—GNU


Welcome to the Winter '22 Product Preview presented by Tactics
. Enjoy the latest from GNU:

GNU—The Fountain of Radical!

Founded with joy in a hypothermic delirium, Gnu derives energy from universal truth.  Channeled through the hearts, minds and actions of our radicals, we blend, bend, and laminate this perceived reality into the timeless vortex of creativity, art, technology and progression we call snowboarding. Choose wisely.


  • SKU: 21SN012/li>
  • MSRP: $499.99
  • STYLE: Men's
  • -The Gremlin, a one board quiver for advanced snowboarders looking to get more attention from the chair and in the bar.
  • -Floaty nose sniffs out powder, camber body pops over skiers and ropelines. Sintered base scratches rocks and crushes people who didn’t know you were racing them to the bottom.
  • -The only snowboard on the planet that tells the truth...lies are too hard to remember when fire burns. A great idea that should have never been...Grab a Gremlin!

Banked Country

  • SKU: 21SN012
  • MSRP: $529.99
  • STYLE: Men's
  • -The ultimate resort shred stick for advanced rippers who constantly watch the weather and score ridiculous amounts of pow but, rip everyday regardless of the conditions. Designed by legendary freestyle minded Temple Cummins and his skateboard influenced son Cannon this fantasy father son project is a refined high performance ATV with one eye on float, the other eye on fly and the third eye on more Baker Banked Slalom gold duct tape.
  • -A big floaty nose, a powerful responsive construction, directional camber set back 2”, mild taper angle, a nice switch friendly tail and exclusive all new directional progressive Magne-traction®. Banked Country is what you want to ride and where you want to be.


  • SKU: 21SN007
  • MSRP: $599.99
  • STYLE: Men's
  • -Camber on an RidersChoice...excited about this one! As a gift to all you progression technicians, contest contenders, and camber lovers we put our proven Riders Choice geometries on a poppy, a high performance C3 Camber chassis!
  • -With a rugged, fast, black knife cut sintered base, a light weight long lasting Aspen, Paulownia core and eco-sublimated poly top...the RCC3 is quite possibly the best freestyle snowboard we have ever made.
  • -

Ladies Choice

  • SKU: 21SN018
  • MSRP: $579.99
  • STYLE: Women's
  • -The Ladies Choice celebrates 10 years of design and partnership with Jamie Anderson. Her balance between progression and playfulness is reflected in the progressive asym technology, perfectly tuned for freestyle flow.
  • -Bringing Jamie’s eco-minded sensibility to our construction materials and process, the Ladies Choice is built with a clear nylon topsheet made from bio beans that shows through to the sustainably harvested FSC certified wood core.
  • -Eco sublimated graphics by Sarah King make the 10 year anniversary of the Ladies Choice an all mountain freestyle work of art. Ride the Ladies Choice and channel some JA magic!


  • SKU: 21SN022
  • MSRP: $499.99
  • STYLE: Women's
  • -The Barrett is the pinnacle of all mountain design. 25+ years of women’s board design heritage has culminated in the Barrett. Camber perfection for stability and control, Vectran strips for light-weight snap and edge-to-edge torsional precision.
  • -Magne-traction® because edge control is the foundation for everything awesome in snowboard- ing. The evolution of Barrett’s model is premium performance perfection, in a pretty package featuring a dreamy photo by Aaron Chang.
  • -A portion of proceeds from the sale of this board is donated to Boarding to Breast Cancer @b4bc to support youth focused education, health and wellness programs.

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