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p: Jack Dawe

We are thrilled to introduce WNDR Alpine and their beautiful new line of boards built with boundary-pushing technology.

By using their own materials derived from microalgae oil, WNDR Alpine demonstrates how biomanufactured materials, specifically designed for backcountry applications, can deliver improved performance. WNDR Alpine products feature Algal Core, a composite of biobased polyurethane and domestically sourced aspen to reduce weight and improve dampening, and Algal Wall, a biobased cast polyurethane designed to improve impact absorption and durability. Designed, developed, and produced in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Nick testing the goods

“I am honored to be able to finally unveil the BelleTour and BelleAire to the public,” says Alex Andrews, WNDR Alpine's Snow Product and Marketing Manager. “Expanding the reach of AlgalTech® materials, we wanted to optimize both boards for the kind of alpine powder riding and touring that Nick (Russell) and I both live for. You can seek out the same kind of descending freedom on both boards, but your approach to the ascent determines which one you select. Here’s to a long season of snow, surfing and science!"

The 2023 line features two new stunners, the BelleTour and BelleAire. Let’s dive into them a bit:

The BelleTour

The BelleTour was developed for high peaks, long walks, epic lines, pillow popping, and everything in between. The first-ever implementation of Algal Core™ and Algal Wall™ materials in a split board provides symbiosis between you and your pursuits. A wide waist, slight swallowtail, and snappy sidecut integrate to create a shape that floats and planes as well as it pivots. Designed to optimize stiffness and performance for both touring and descending, you’re tagging lines no matter the conditions. 

The BelleTour’s core profile differs from that of the BelleAire, with an increase in thickness approaching the waist of the board, which gives the board a stiffer, evenly distributed, and supportive feel when touring, especially when breaking trail. While riding your favorite line, this increase in waist stiffness avoids the soft, vague feel that typically plagues splitboard designs that are simply the result of cutting a solid in half. The engineered cross blocks increase torsional rigidity and reduce longitudinal stiffness for a stable, intuitive, and nimble ride.  The end result is a split destined for long days of human-powered access, but one that rides [just] like its solid sibling when it comes time to drop. 

The BelleAire 

The BelleAire is here to satisfy your love for downhill dominance. Inspired by its split sibling in shape, this board is for those seeking a different high… Whether it’s your favorite side hits, fresh groomers, or holstering the board to your back the deepest of days. The board of the future is lightweight, built from biology, and ready to bring you transcendence.

The BelleAire, a solid companion to the Belle Tour, utilizes purpose-built biomaterials derived from microalgae oil to increase damping and stability while keeping the weight low and the froth tanks full! A wider waist, snappy side cut, and directional camber allow this board to be nimble while maintaining effortless floatation and edge hold. The semi-cap sidewall construction provides incredible stability and energy transmission over the edge while minimizing wear and tear, enhanced by Algal Core™ and Algal Wall™ materials. We exist to surf the earth on materials derived from Mother Nature.

 Behind the Tech

Alex and Nick in the lab // p: Pep Fujas

The progressive technology behind these boards embodies WNDR Alpine's "design with intention" philosophy, and is a significant part of what makes this drop so remarkable.

Why algae? Petroleum has historically been a key ingredient in materials across the outdoor industry. But there are only so many types of material innovations and performance gains we can get from petroleum. Our team of biologists, material scientists, product designers, and backcountry athletes at Checkerspot wanted to break the mold. As a result, WNDR Alpine was born. Our AlgalTech® ski materials fuse biomanufacturing, chemistry, and material science with advanced fabrication to unlock better performance.

SpiralMade: WNDR Alpine's SpiralMade materials are derived from their own facility's reclaimed production waste. Instead of going straight to the landfill, Spiral Plate binding inserts are incorporated into WNDR Alpine's products for better binding retention strength. SpiralMade™ joins WNDR Alpine's stability enhancing, algae-derived materials across the brand's lineup. Tread light, charge hard!

Spiral plate // p: Pep Fujas


“It's incredibly valuable to make one’s own materials and products more easily recyclable,” said Daniel Malmrose, WNDR Alpine’s VP of Product Innovation. “It’s a separate challenge to put one’s own recycled outputs directly into a product in a way that improves the product. Using recycled materials to reach a tangible performance benefit is imperative if we’re to make recycling more viable in the snowsports industry.”

Learn more about WNDR Alpine, their tech, mission and upcoming winter plans right here

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