Woodward Peace Park Championships 2023


Live from Woodward's desk:

Peace Park is back and bigger than ever. We're introducing the athletes, the park, the format and the vibes from our 2023 Championship event at Snowbird. Follow along with the action and antics in part 1 of this 3-part series.

Featuring: Danny Davis, Todd Richards, Queralt Castellet, Brock Crouch, Sean Fitzsimons, Anna Gasser, Jake Canter, Raibu Katayama, Brandon Davis, Elena Hight, Jadyn Chomlack, Dusty Henricksen, Gabe Ferguson, Mikey Ciccarelli, Jed Sky, Kaishu Hirano, Takeru Otsuka, Taylor Gold, Nils Mindnich, Bjorn Leines, Pat Bridges, Chris Grenier, Eddie Wall, Luke Winkelmann,  Sebbe De Buck, Hailey Langland, and Nik Baden.

Photographer: Dean Blotto