2022 Brain Bowl Sessions—Session 4, Tahoe


From the Tre Squad desk:

"We love you Tahoe!!!

Thanks to everyone who came out and sessioned with us up on Donner Summit.  It really was flippin amazing.  5 days in a legendary zone with legendary people!  Session 4 really popped off."

Film & edit: Logan Beaulieu 

Featuring: Taylor Carlton, Savannah Golden, Cooper Davidson, Michael McDaniel, Matt Shaffer, Irie Jefferson, Jesse Gomez, Matt Carlyle, Andrew Brewer, Tyler Lynch, Dakota Whitaker, Zach Duby, Max Warbington, Mizzle, Pat Moore, Jaimee Deister, Jess Albery, Jessica Tennyson, Ryan Pluche, Marissa Krawczak, Parker Gonnet, Skyler Gallardo & Julian Gluck.