2024 Revert Foundation Intergalactic Mini Pipe Jam At Woodward Tahoe

  |   Patrick Bridges

On April 6th 2024 The Revert Foundation held the inaugural Intergalactic Mini Pipe Jam at Woodward Tahoe. Fifty riders signed up and dropped in to support Chris Roach's Revert Foundation and take home the title.

Jake Pollock Rider: Eric Royce

Founded by Chris and Monty Roach the Revert Foundation provides opportunities to ride and paddle board to youth who lack the resources and means to partake in these resonant passtimes. With Woodward Tahoe providing a pristine venue and half a foot of fresh glossing over the late Spring slopes several generations of senders showed up. While Oliver Dixon, Dante Schipini, Rider Roack, Jaimee Deister, Nate Haust and others flew the flage for todays top transition riders legends like Shaun Palmer, Chris Roach, Tom Gilles, Nate Holland and Blaise Rosenthal put their longstanding halfpipe pedigree to good use from wall to wall.

The results are as follows:

Under 16: 1st - Ace Pena 2nd - Hunter Hudson 3rd - Eero Grisier

Women's: 1st - Jaimee Deister 2nd - Stacy Fite 3rd - Jessica Rosenthal

Open: 1st - Matt "Boody" Beadreaux 2nd - Rich Guagliardo 3rd - Rider Roach

Pro: 1st - Oliver Dixon 2nd - Eric Royce 3rd - Nate Haust

2024 Revert Foundation Galactic Mini Pipe Jam is made possible with support from Academy Snowboards, Woodward Tahoe, 686, Union, Coal, Drop, Vans, Slush The Magazine

Edit & Filming: Max Techau Daniel Vega

Featuring: Chad Otterstrom, Eric Royce, Nate Haust, Scott Blum, Jaimee Deister, Tom Gilles, Nate Holland, Shaun Palmer, Matt “Boody” Beadreaux, Oliver Dixon, Dante Schipani, Rich Guagliardo, Rider Roach, Chris Roach

For more info and details on how you can support the Revert Foundation visit Revertfoundation.org.

Jake Pollock Rider: Shaun Palmer
Jake Pollock Rider: Dante Schipini
Jake Pollock Rider: Rider Roach