About Time—Behind the Scenes of Fleeting Time

  |   Mike Dawsy
From the Red Bull Media House desk:
Throughout the fall, Red Bull Media House is releasing a three episode series called “About Time.” The first episode just came out and features a behind the scenes look at Ben Ferguson’s vision and the making of Fleeting Time

Fleeting Time is a snowboard movie from Homestead Creative, co-produced by Red Bull MediaHouse in collaboration with Ben Ferguson. This film is a two-year project directed and starring Ben Ferguson and his close crew of friends, created with the goal of inspiring viewers to get out and ride. The non-stop action is paired with a playlist-worthy soundtrack curated by Ferguson,featuring incredible snowboard action from the peaks of Alaska, to the deep snowpack of the Rockies, to a revolutionary indoor halfpipe in Japan.

Stay tuned and remember to check out a Fleeting Time premiere near you!