Arbor Collective—Crossing the Grain

  |   Patrick Bridges

In 1995, two friends launched Arbor to make environmental conservation the guiding principle in the production of their snowboard and skateboard products. Arbor would become the first action sports brand founded to focus on sustainability, and formally commit to donating a portion of sales to the conservation of the environment. The story of how Arbor got from this idealistic start to the brand it is today has never been told.

Now, at its 25-year anniversary, the Arbor Collective releases “Crossing the Grain.” The film is a detailed account of how Arbor’s founders, Bob Carlson and Chris Jensen, launched the company into an extremely crowded mid-90’s market, as outsiders with a purpose. It documents the company’s struggles to find acceptance and success, as the industry consolidated in the early 2000s; to building a unique, collective path forward; to eventually earning a place as one of today's the most innovative and enduring snowboard and skateboard brands.

Featuring: Alyssa Roenigk, Amelia Brodka, Benny Pellegrino, Bob Carlson, Bob Stanislaus, Brad Farmer, Bryan Iguchi, Dakota Franklin, Eddie Wall, Eric Waetzig, John Griber, John Stouffer, Josh Stafford, Ken Perkins, Marie-France Roy, Matt Patti, Mike Basich, Nate Shute, Nick Visconti, Pat Bridges, Pat Parnell, Paul Maravetz, Rob Kingwill, Shuriken Shannon, Steve Lake & Todd Harris.

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