BangingBees x Vans Snow—Sierra Nevada road trip


At the end of February, we left the french Alps with two up and comer Vans riders, Lenny Oliver and Mehdi Soltane. Our goal was to seek the sun of Spain and drive all the way to Andalusia, in order to go snowboarding in Sierra Nevada, the southernmost resort in Europe. After a little skate and party break in Barcelona, we discovered the incredible landscape of Sierra Nevada, his crazy nightlife and even enjoyed some fresh snow in the streets of the resort. We were looking for an exotic 1 week trip and we were not disappointed! Even if our car couldn't make it back to France after an engine failure, it was worth it!
Filming: Damien Rousse and Julien Mounier
Editing: Damien Rousse
Additional filming: Lenny Oliver and Jaime Castro