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Snowboarding History || Brighton Resort || Microdose
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From Absinthe Films Desk:

For many of us, Brighton Resort is the epic-center of the snowboard world and this is the first episode on a whole new chapter of the Microdose series, based on the most influential resorts in snowboarding history.

Featuring: Brandon Ruff, Seth Huot, Dave Downing, Jared Winkler, Tonino Copene, Sam Taxwood, Mike LeBlanc, Andy Wright, Brad Scheuffele, Rob "Whitey" McConnaughy, Jeremy Jones, Mitch Nelson, Jason Murphy, Brandon Bybee, JP Walker, Benny Pellegrino, Sage Kotsenburg, Mike Bogs, George Johnston, Drew Hicken, Tim Ostler, Jeff Davis, Jill Perkins, Chris Coulter, Dave Basterrechea, Andy Brewer, Erin Comstock, Blue Montgomery, Keegan Hosefros, Cory Smith, Miles Dunford, Shannon Dunn-Downing, Brock Harris, Spencer Shoeburt, Bobby Meeks, Bode Merrill, Chris Grenier, MFM, Tina Basich-Haller, Stefi Luxton, E Stone, Parker Duke, Harry Hagan, Jordan Mendenhall, Jeff Richards, Cale Zima, Gigi Rüf, Dylan Alito, Nicolas Müller, Nate Bozung, and Travis Parker