Colours Of Love—Presented by the Simpson Brothers


Colours Of Love created by The Simpson Brothers

Words from Joe Simpson
Jake and I are brothers (obviously) from Wales but we grew up in France, where we learned to snowboard.

For the video we were based in Morzine, France and we filmed in Estonia, Czech Republic and Finland this year, got pretty lucky with the snow conditions all things considering! We got to shoot with the sickest crew who were all hyped to work hard and stack clips

Colours of Love

We are trying to make videos that are not only about the riding but also the love we all have for snowboarding, the creativity and inclusivity that going on street trips brings!

What's next for the Simpson Brothers?

We just made the move to Innsbruck, the European capital of snowboarding. We plan on documenting our integration to this new community and of course go on a few street trips across Europe with some old and new faces!

Colours of LoveSupported by: Vans - Drake - Bro clothing - Spy Optics

Featuring: David Boggio, Flo Corzelius, Maisie Hill, Henna Ikola, Marko Malsub, Venla Mustonen, Simon Pircher, Jake Simpson, Joe Simpson, Hrund Hanna Thor, Tom Cordier, Ivika Jürgenson, Alex Stewart

Additional Filming: David Boggio, Nick Coates, Henna Ikola, Venla Mustonen, Tim Schiphorst, Alex Stewart

Photography by: James North, Hannah Cawthorn, Tim Schiphorst, Jake Simpson, Joe Simpson, Neil Sharp, Federico Grego

Colours of Love