DART—Windham Miller


Words by Windham:

So I hopped around crews a lot. I filmed some street and backcountry around Colorado for most of the year with my homies Kyle Nienhouse, Chase Blackwell, Ryan Wachendorfer and Steve from the Thrift Boards crew but with the snow conditions not being so great for backcountry, I made a few trips to Montana and Utah with my boys from the Freeride World Tour (Jack and Kevin Nichols) trying to find some good snow. I also made a couple trips to the mid west with Brett moody to film more street stuff with sinister films and Sam Klein.

I filmed a little more steel then I usually do just because it was hard to find snow but I’m stoked on the clips I was able to get with the lacking amount of snow last season. I racked up enough slam clips to make a full part but for the most part stayed in one piece.

A lot of the street clips that I got in Colorado were spots that I always grew up looking and always wanted to take a crack at and now I finally get to put those clips in a project.

Filmed by: Kyle Nienhouse, Alex Havey, Jeff Urban, Daniel Milchev, Steve, Jack Nichols, Kevin Nichols, Xander Raith, Brett Moody, Chase Blackwell, Ryan Wachendorfer