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Live from Victor Daviet's desk:

I love surfing so much.

Therefore for this episode, I naturally teamed up with surfer William Aliotti, my favourite free surfer and former team mate.

The idea was to explore the similarities & connections between snowboarding and surfing by recreating some iconic moves on both side, in an artistic way.

Both riders are perfectly mirroring each other's moves, on the same element - water - while playfully shifting between its frozen and liquid states.

A vision magnified through a pure and simple black and white lens, accompanied by a dreamy soundtrack created specifically for the occasion by Dark Sky.

Surfer: @William_Aliotti

Snowboarder: @VictorDaviet

Editor: @Rllado

Filmer: @Rllado @kanduiresort @Julien Binet @Federico Vanno @Julien Mazard

Photographer: @Steverober1