Forest Bailey's "I Won't Be Long"


The thing about Forest Bailey is, the kid doesn’t miss. He’s shooting at 100 percent with his newest release “I Won’t Be Long” made in collaboration between 686 and our friends at Torment Mag. Edited by Jon stark, the Portland duo share a home city, as well as a mutual appreciation for the highest caliber of street snowboarding. With footage of dastardly rails in locations spanning from Helsinki and back to the states, Bailey bags enough hammers in this thing to keep you talking for a couple weeks. We’ll also be remiss if we didn’t shout out Forest’s dog Neo, who not only cameos, but seems to be a solid visual inspiration in both the graphics for this film, and Forest’s recent art.

Edited by Jon Stark
Filmed by Jon Stark, Parrish Isaacs, Tobbe Tiasanen, Freedle Coty