GLUCK 22' - Julian Gluck Part and Interview


Who is Julian Gluck and why is he not afraid of jumping into rocks? His clips from BrainBowl Sessions and in Max's Finest Video turned our heads. Watch his part, read his interview, and send pins to insane gap to rocks to his IG: @yeaaaamangggg


What’s your name? Where are the from? Where do you live? 

My name is Julian Gluck and I’m originally from Beacon, NY. I grew up snowboarding at Catamount Mtn. right on the Massachusetts and New York border at age 10. The parents split and we moved to Boise, ID which is where I reside now. 

What do you love about Boise and Idaho?

I’ve been in boise for about 12 years now. Ever since we moved here I knew I’d be here for a while. Boise has an amazing snowboard/skate community, endless opportunities to explore the mountain ranges, such as the Sawtooth’s. They hold untouched  back country routes, dozens of hot springs and so many small mountain towns! I love how central Boise is to the destinations I find myself traveling to frequently. I also love the small country towns outside of the city. 

Who do you ride for?

GNU, BMBW, Airblaster, Prestige Skate shop, Vintage Sponsor, Autumn Headwear 

Favorite part of riding with Max Warbington?

Where do I even start… I love Max and his riding style. He brings so much to the table when it comes to spots. No matter the technicality of the spot, he will bust out the most creative & unique tricks I’ve ever witnessed. Let alone he is one of the hardest workers at a spot. All of the BrainBowls I’ve been Max always has a shovel in hand…. Hours on end, sun rise to sun set. 

I know you are a hot shot, but I’m sure many people don’t. What do you do in the summers? 

This will be my 6th year in fire, though my 4th year with the Idaho City Hotshots. We are a national resource and get called to fires all over the US. Last spring we were in New Mexico for about a month, working night shifts on the Black fire & the Calf Canyon fire. Once arrived on scene, we are briefed with the general plans on suppressing the fire. We then get to work, putting in miles of fire line using chain saws and hand tools, working our hardest to slow down and eventually kill the fire. 

What is Krossed Saint?

Krossed Saints was started up by my good friends Jake West, Seth Gingerich and myself back in 2016. They thought of the name and I drew up our first logo. Boise’s snowboard scene is still small which is awesome but I wanted to spice it up a little bit, hence starting up this crew. Last winter was definitely our best yet, with snow in town and a bunch of homies motivated to get clipped up. I guess we’ll see what happens next! 

Highlights of filming this part? 

Prior to filming this part I was so burnt out with my summer of firefighting. I was so juiced to travel and film. I’d say a major highlight of mine was going back to Oslo where my mothers sister resides. I've been going there for some years now and have grown some great relationships with people out there. This includes Markus, Wietse, Stine, Sophia & Maria. I filmed with the Sensesse crew, getting chauffeured around by Stine in her sedan and taking public transportation. I explored new areas and was introduced to local iconic snowboard spots. 

What are you doing this winter?

This winter has been a weird one so far haha. I started off strong, filming up in Sun Valley with Evan, Luke, Noah and some friends. We were on a clip high for sure, until I hit a close out rail resulting in a shifted fibula bone and some torn ligaments. The doc was surprised I didn’t break it. Then my good friend Evan tore basically everything in his knee 2 weeks later. The KS team was down bad. Luckily I’m pretty much healed up now, riding bogus and filming! 

Any shoutouts?

I’d like to thank my mom, dad and & step dad for the constant support and motivation. As well my brothers Noah and Jasper, my sisters Maeve and Charlotte, Luke, Evan, Jake, Elliot and all of the homies! Greg and Paul at Prestige and the companies/ reps that support me. 

And last but not least, KROSSED SAINTS BABY

Thank you Julian!

Thank You all that pointed a camera at me:) - Sam Tuor, Derek Weimer, Logan Beaulieu, Luke Tokunaga, Brendan Barry, Evan Bowers, Noah Gluck, Jake West, Austin Coates, Tyler Morey, Taylor Rose, AJ Ogden, Sophia Zhichkina, Stine Tonnessen, Maria Hilde & a special thanks to GNU Snowboards, Airblaster, BentMetal, VintageSponsor, Prestige Skateshop and all of the beloved friends and family!