"Jibber Prevalia" - A Video by Mike Harrington and Tucker Brown



  "A snowboard video for people who have a hard time taking themselves seriously."

We hit up the two guys behind the video for a quick little Q and A!

And see below for another video about "Camp Wears", Tucker's handmade Outerwear Brand.

You guys both have a pretty schedule. Mike, you run the marketing for Brighton Resort. And Tucker, you have Camp Wears that you do everything for. But then you guys decided to make a video together. What was the motivation for that?

Mike: I’m third string on the marketing team to our Digital Marketing Manager Jessy Wall and to the Legend Jared Winkler our Marketing Director. I’m in charge of creative and social along with filming our park content so it’s pretty hectic, but we have a great team with our photographers Jovvany and Kooyman. Going out and filming spots felt like days off to me which was nice. It was nice to not film in the same spot for a bit, Tucker and I usually have to think of ways to outdo tricks on Brighton rails from the previous years.

Tucker: Slc had an insane snow year last season and it changed our normal routine of filming milly tube tricks every day so to scratch that itch we tried stuff in the streets instead!

Tucker Brown, not on a milly tube - photo - Maisy Hoffman

The title is a pretty fun one. What was your opposition to jibbing, and did you guys prevail?

Tucker: The only thing opposing us from our normal days of crest rides was the insane powder panic we dealt with last season so we threw our bodies down stairsets in order to show that the jibber always prevails. We sure showed them. The name isn’t actually a thought out sentiment that pertains to the journey of our season it’s actually just the name of an old friend I used to go to school with. We couldn’t think of an inanimate object laying around our house that hasn’t been used as a snowboard video title so we figured senseless was a better route to go.

Mike: I used to take filming street super seriously so I wanted to do the opposite of that with this video. We filmed some weird spots and then tried to hit some played Utah spots in a new way. There is a full tailback sequence in there that is probably my favorite part of the video. The name is from one of our favorite podcasts Dudesy, we listened to 30 episodes of it on the way to hood one year. Everybody will have to do their research to see if Tuck or I am telling the truth about the name.

Tucker, red shovels over red snakes - photo - Maisy Hoffman

Michigan? You guys keep going back there. Tell us about it.

Tucker: Well Mike's from there and has a lot of knowledge about the area and has filmed many street snowboarding videos so it’s cool to go there with him as a guide/Sherpa. Also the tight knit boarding community in Michigan is incredible, so many sick boarders have filmed so many sick clips there and it’s so sick to see the spots irl that were hit in some of my favorite video parts.

Mike: This past Michigan trip Tucker broke his ribs trying to switch 50 one of the Creston kinks with no warm up so we weren’t in Michigan for very long unfortunately. A lot of the Michigan footage was sent to me when I told Tye Kowalski and Adam Homi that Tucker and I were filming a video. I got an entire part in a wetransfer. Jack Harris’ part has been sitting on my hard drive for 2 years and that’s not even half of his footage. He should have a solo part coming out pretty soon through DWD.

When the traffic in Big Cottonwood Canyon only gets you so far, at least there's a jib on the side of the road.  Evan Erickson - photo - Matt Kusbel

With Brighton having the year of years last year, should we expect any Brighton pow footage? Or is that the opposition for all the jibbers in this video?

Mike: I feel like we made Jibber because we didn’t have any good park days really until the Milly Meltdown. Tucker isn’t the biggest powder head and I generally tomahawk all over the place. It snowed in the city one day and tucker asked me to film a spot and it somehow turned into an entire movie. Now I think we both are back into filming street again.

Tucker: If brighton has a similar snowfall this year then you can definitely count on us filming some epic My Oh My powder jump clips and that’s as far as I can make it into the BC. We hope that this video can be a template for anyone that wants to keep jibbing when the red snake haunts their dreams. The spots don’t have to be crazy or scary, as long as you’re outside creating with your friends, you have some snow, and something to bonk or jump over, the jibber will always prevail.

 Camp Wears video by Paul Osborne