L1 Premium Goods 20th Anniversary


L1 Premium Goods celebrate their 20th Anniversary with the release of the Fall Winter 22/23 Collection. Check it out here!

From the desk of Jon Kooley:

"20 years of L1 — wow, that's hard to believe. I remember when I first started riding for L1, it was an interesting time in snowboarding where, at least for myself and my friends, we wanted our outerwear to reflect our personal style off the mountain. More importantly, we didn't want to look like we were wearing snowboard outerwear at all. That was the thing back then. I remember sitting in a room with Dawson, Tonino, and Ming and them asking me, "what do you want to ride in… it can be anything you want." That level of freedom and creativity doesn't really exist as far as brand and athlete go, in my experience. The brand gave us exactly what we wanted, and it ultimately defined the brand's position. True rider-driven product, fueling my interest and passion for design.” -  Jon Kooley

Jon Kooley