Lord of the Ropes "Ingrained"—Recap and Gallery

Lords of the Ropes // p: Tyson Crockett

Written by Peter Harvieux
Headshots by Tyson Crockett
Photos by Stephan Jende

The night was young and 64 of some of the finest riders the Midwest has to offer accumulated on the Tomte rope just an eye shot from the Skolhaugen Lounge at the legendary Trollhaugen just 50 mins north of the Twin Cities.  It was the 5th Lord of the Ropes event and the air was ripe with anticipation. The match ups has been drawn the week previous and the course revealed that am. Riders from the Mitten, Four Lakes, Alpine Valley, Madtown, The U.P., Duluth, and Twin Cities Metro came together for heated head to head match ups. Each drop mattered, each trick, each line an attempt to better their drawn competition.

r: Sam Klein
r: Emily O'Connor
r: Mike Liddle

The first line drew down 64 to 32 with a few surprises, then 32 to 16 as the remaining riders moved to the second line. Some more tight match ups lead to a few hard judging decisions which are of course made by the previous two riders and one guest judge, this year Vinny, who then decide who moves on. 8 riders in four head to head drops to weed it down to the Top 4. With Benny Milam, Justin Fronius, Mike Liddle, and Tanner Seymour remaining. The third line revealed the newest feature to Troll a blue and yellow firecracker built by Bill and Grady. 

r: Rob Roethler
r: Garrett McKenzie
r: Brent Stamper
r: Kiefer Ascheman
r: Ben McCabe
r: Casey Pflipsen
r: Blake Lamb

Benny dropped and laced with Froni on hot on his tail but an edge slip cost him the chance and let the judges off the hook. It’s all about the bolts in Lord of the Ropes. Mike locked in and took Tanners valiant effort to move forward. Benny stepped up and locked in much like he had all season, but Liddle is a silent assassin who is a master of the metal himself. He unleashed a equal heavy line only to find the landing on the second feature to loose and slipped out. That left only one to be crowned Lord of the Ropes and year 5 he shall be named Benny Milam.

r: Mike Liddle
r: Justin Fronius
r: Tanner Seymore
r: Benny Milam
r: Justin Fronius
r: Mike Liddle
Benny and IPP Pete
Ben Skiba / Mike Skiba / IPP Pete
Midwest Squad

Congratulations and Thanks to all the riders, Quest Judge Vinny, Troll Park Crew, Joe, Stephan, Tyson, Marsha, Chelsea, Jim, Tanner, Rhi, Oliphant Brewing, and all the spectators in person/online.