Friday February 24th under the lights of Trollhaugen just 50 mins north of the Twin Cities the 6th iteration of the Lord of the Ropes went down. With invited riders hailing from across the Midwest from piles of different resorts, with all different levels of dues paid, they then were seeded in head to head match ups. These match up are drawn randomly the week prior to allow some forth to build on the slow pour hype. With the spirit of transformer the course was set up with an additional feature per line so three features in the line vs the two it had been. Also a coin flip was added to determine who's choice to either go first or send they're competitor first. Another new switch up later in round 4 the winner of the coin flip also got to call the line they wanted to ride adding another new dimension to the event. As always the judges we're the riders themselves and the guest judge Jake Moore this year. 

p: Stephen Jende

With the 32 face offs some are always drawn at random that almost seem intentional. That’s apart of the joy and special set up of LOTR these drawn brackets setting up crazy first round match ups as well as possible scenarios of second round and beyond. The magic then plays out on Tomte with a unique set of slightly bowled C-rail perpendicular with two down bars on either side left and right lines with a landing in the middle line for up and over options.  The second tier hosted left and right A frames on pads with the center line holding a barrier on pad. The third tier offered a down flat to the right, flat bar center, and new down flat down on the left. The top features down bars were pretty blind and provided some challenges for many riders. Middle set-ups were fast and the final features let the riders get technical and style. 

p: Stephen Jende

As all previous 5 additions of Lord of the Ropes many upsets went down throughout the event. The live streams bounced back and forth between working smooth and glitching. The riders were having a great times although they always just want to lap while waiting for their match up (can’t blame them). Warm ups and in between rounds offered a ton of heavy riding in sort order with piles of camaraderie. In the end Garrett McKenzie brought the smooth and tech to the chosen lines and defeated local Grady Tank to be crowned Lord of the Ropes and walk with the cash purse. In the end Lord of the Ropes represents the Midwestern scene, our volume of talented riders from all reaches of the territory. Hosted by a unique and special resort Trollhaugen and supported by an awesome brand Autumn Headwear. Thankful for all the support from viewers, media, riders, troll park crew, Jim, Marsha, Joe, Boody, Chelsea, Adam, Stephan, Evan, Erik, Slush, and Brad. 

Garrett Mckenzie takes home the W // p: Stephen Jende