Methodology: Sierra-at-Tahoe

Racers's ready? | Photo: Matt Bombino

A BIG THANKS to visionary Pat Moore, the team at Sierra-at-Tahoe resort, and our amazing sponsors: Vans, Arbor, Electric, Avalon7, MIZU, Gozney, SLUSH Mag, Sun Bum, Crab Grab, Slush the Magazine, 1910, and Effective Edge. Special appreciation goes to Native Metal Works and Well Rounded Wood Co. for their fantastic awards. Cheers to all competitors and raffle participants for the incredible vibes and a successful day!

Putting the method in methodology | Photo: Matt Bombino


The Methodology event at Sierra-at-Tahoe this past weekend showcased a unique blend of speed and style through a banked slalom course with a distinctive double-sided hip feature. This event not only highlighted competitive spirit and tons of methods, but also supported the Ken Block 43i Institute, aiding in the development and support of emerging athletes.The event resonated well within the community, with proceeds aiding a worthy cause. Alongside the spirited competition, the event featured a raffle with prizes including a Gozney grill among other items from our generous sponsors, transforming the day into a true celebration of snowboarding culture. The event successfully raised $9,000 from entry fees and raffle sales. Best method winner | Photo: Matt Bombino Highlights include Denver Orr winning the Best Method, the abundant enjoyment of Vans waffles, and a day filled with fun and camaraderie. Results: