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The mountain was forced to shut down due to a mudslide. The few staff members who remained slowly built it back up, piece by piece. Some inevitable workplace injuries and some outside contracted work for some of our staff resulted in others stepping up to take the reins in their absence. In the end, our staff banded together to reopen the mountain, and one of our staff members took it upon themselves to document the process. We’re happy to announce the mountain is operational once again.

Mount Mountain presents 'clips to chill/relax to', featuring Martyn Vachon, Nick Elliott, Kody Yarosloski, Adam Franks, Derek Molinski, Matt Cochrane, Bryan Bowler, Jody Wachniak, TJ Koskela, and other part-time staff.

Film/Edit: Colter Heard

Supported by: K2, Ride, Empire, Autumn, Corduroy, Dragon, Vans, and Stance