Own The Stoke—Ikon Pass


Joyous in its own right, dropping in on a pair of pointy sticks or a surfy slab of plastic and wood is only one awesome action that the mountains offer us. What gives these simple movements a deeper meaning are all of the moments, discoveries, and personal connections that we experience between each turn. 
In this way, first tracks become uniquely special because of the buildup and anticipation that end up swinging us into that first early morning chair. Similarly, a great season isn’t just simply defined by hitting a certain number of days on the hill. Rather, it’s found in the moments in-between – early season road trip planning, home-mountain laps with the crew, unexpected powder days, banging breakfast burritos, the joys found in teaching our children to ride. 

These moments are where the stoke lives. It’s where we experience the full lifecycle of adventure. These are the moments that, when we own them, we own them forever.

From first turns to last laughs, stoke is whatever you make it. As individual as style, when you carry a positive mental attitude towards the mountains, everything there is ready to be enjoyed. Planning a season of brand-new lines across new destinations? The stoke writes that itinerary. Spending a day at Copper’s infamous Woodward parks while smoothing out your landings and perfecting your rotations? The stoke helps bring you all the way around. Spending your next winter in a van, chasing the dream of free pow refills from Mammoth Mountain to Killington? Well, the stoke paves that road, too.

For some, stoke takes on a very physical presence. This feeling of elation is borne out of favorite local mountains, it’s embedded in the places we learned to ski or snowboard, and it’s a bucket list icon that we finally get to check off. Almost tangible in nature, these physical locations are layered with history and substance, dreams and memory. Across more than 40 Ikon Pass destinations worldwide, when we set foot onto their snowy slopes, our stoke tends to take flight.

Whether it’s a sunny spring aprés spread served from the trunk of a car, or a day spent slowing things down while teaching a newly minted grom the ropes, recognizing moments of joy and connection – with the mountains and with each other – keeps us coming back. When added up, it’s these moments and these smiles, these connections and these memories that define the greatness of a season.

From the second your score your pass and stake your claim to the mountains, you’ve got a season of stoke to look forward to. 

With Ikon Pass options starting at only $399, adult, and exclusive spring savings, there’s an adventure for every type of rider, both new to the mountain and longtime shredder.

Lock in your 21/22 season now and take advantage of:

• up to $200 savings on child passes
• up to $100 in renewal discounts for 20/21 pass holders
• buy now, ride now spring access at select destinations starting March 11
• For a limited time, lock in an Ikon Pass for as low as $0 down and 0% APR

Whether it’s exploring a new line through the trees at Steamboat, a brand-new untapped destination like Mt Bachelor or Stratton, or a new southern hemisphere adventure on the horizon – each moment in the mountains brings with it a fresh perspective and downhill delight. With an Ikon Pass to unlock these turns, whether your ride 4 days this winter or whether you carve out over 20, the stoke is out there and it’s yours to own. These are moments to be celebrated, destinations to be explored and experience, and stories to be shared in fire-warmed cabins year-after-year.

For winter 21/22.

Own the season. 

Own the stories. 

Own the Stoke.