Pack Heavy Chase Light—Luis Medearis


You might know him as Cuban Lu, and he's featured on the latest episode of Db's series "Pack Heavy, Chase Light"!

"In this fifth episode of Pack Heavy, Chase Light, Sam goes to Sacramento to chat to Luis Medearis. Luis is a great guy, described by Sam as 'psychotically nice' and he actually approached us about working together via our ambassador link. After about 30s of watching his showreel and learning about his background, we knew we wanted him in our inner circle. He's only been filming for two years, but has covered a huge amount of ground in that time. He went from filming his college basketball team to working with the US Snowboarding team in a season, and is a huge advocate and spokesperson for increasing the diversity of the sport. Luis wants to show people of color they have more options than just joining a basketball team - the mountains are calling them and there's plenty of room for everyone."