Rebirth - Curtis Woodman Full Part

  |   Patrick Bridges


Following more than 2 decades as a stalwart of the NorCal snowboard scene, Curtis Woodman took a two season hiatus to focus on family. 2023 marked his return to the Sierra's and as this edit shows he didn't waste any time picking apart Donner Summit and other Tahoe locales in classic Curtis form. 

According to Curtis:

After two years away from the snow while taking care of my pops who had stage 4 cancer, I came back to the mountains to ride in honor of him last season.

The last few years have been some of the hardest of my life, from losing some of my best friends to suicide, getting my heart broken, uprooting my life and moving to Florida to take care of my dad, being off the snow for two seasons and losing my pops to cancer, life has challenged me on every level. I felt like I went through the fires to be tested and molded like a samurai sword, a “Rebirth” if you will, where I would come out a stronger and better person.

I made this song for my part last spring in my cabin that my dad and I started to build before he passed. In honor of my process and where I was, I named it “Rebirth” as I believe with every death, there is a rebirth, as energy cannot be destroyed.

A big thanks to Corey Smith for hyping me up to continue my passion of riding and supporting me to get back out there. To Roy Horton for all the love and amping me up to film with him and Blaise Rosenthal, so much fun with you cats, it was a season to remember. Big ups to Nando Alocer for showing me mad love and continually reminding me of who I am and to keep on pushing forward. To Soul Medic, you have been a rock in my life and I am thankfull to have you as a friend. Dustin Amato for putting a fire under my ass and putting together the premier for this project and to my Mama for loving me through it all. Grateful for all my friends, family and sponsors for showing me support through all of this. Here is to many more years of riding and exploring this beautiful earth.

This one’s for you Pops! My dad originally introduced me to snowboarding when I was 7 years old and I have been hooked ever since. Thanks for showing me how to ride Pops, it is truly the greatest gift anyone has ever given me. I will always remember you flying free in the mountains, may you fly free in the heavens above. ❤️🙏🏼

Rebirth~the of action of reappearing or starting to flourish or increase after a decline, a revival... - Curtis Woodman